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Original Recorded Music on CD's…

“Soul Survivor” songlist so far………….

Ramblin’ Dan’s new CD is still yet to be completed….

3 Songs so far:      “BOSTON GIRL” written in South Carolina way back in 1988…….“THE PERFORMER” written in The Boondocks; 1975…and “1984 Hobo’s Lament” written at Newfound Lake, New Hampshire, in, of course…1984!


Hymns Written By Ramblin’ Dan Martin

In the Travels of ol’ Ramblin’ Dan,he has composed many types of songs telling his real life story…
The faith in his God has inspired him to write a hand full of spiritual hymns for his own enjoyment and for his love for mankind “All I Have is Jesus Christ” appears on  
 “He Was Always There” can be heard on 
 and a Christmas tune called “Born Without A Home” recorded in 1996  on Dan’s CD, “THE RAGMAN”….and if you 
               purchase any of theses CD’s….you can listen anytime!



Remember The 57′ Chevy Belair??

Ramblin’ Dan’s Father owned one the original 57′ Chevys…Dan remembers fondly that period of time from his childhood living in Upstate New York in Duchess County…(the Boondocks) in a tiny town called Holmes,N.Y.
Dan remembers traveling with his Dad in the middle of the day and night listening to the popular music at that time…Elvis…Chuck Berry Buddy Holly and Hank Williams…on the great little radio dashboard!
While living in the “Watch City” (Waltham),  in the 1990’s…Dan wrote a cute little diddy
reminiscing about those days called “Dad’s Ol’ 57′”

                     “If there’s a Highway to Heaven,
                       I can hear my Daddy revvin’
                       his Eternal Ol’ 57′”

   This tune can be heard on Ramblin’ Dan’s CD, called “Hermit From A Shack”…

Never Forget 9/11…a Tribute Song to ‘THE SOULS OF LIBERTY”

Two months after the attack on American soil;
Marine friend Mike Welsch, approached Ramblin’ Dan with an idea to write a song in tribute to ALL Americans touched by the TRAGEDY we now call “9/11″….

Mr. Welsch took a recording of the song and sent copies out to many VIP’s around the world; including the First Family at the White House and also The Prime Minister of England…and many others…

Ramblin’ Dan and Mike received letters from all who were reached for this special song!

The song is known as “The Souls Of Liberty”…
and can be heard on Dan’s eclectic CD,”Visions From Paradise Road”
                                                  “CATCH IT!!”


“GREEN LION STUDIO” Lost In The Flood!!

Disaster Strikes at “Green Lion”….
During the recent Flooding from the rainstorms,here in the Boston Area…The recording studio where Ramblin’ Dan works,
The Owner, Chris Smith has reported that the great little studio was washed away..a total wreck!


Any help is gratefully received.Please send donations for the “Benefit” of “Green Lion”
to: Ramblin’ Dan Martin
       P.O. Box 166
       Woburn, Massachusetts 01801

Please Make Checks Payable to:

 Chris Smith or
 Green Lion Studios

          THANK YOU FOLKS…

Welcoming “Twitter” to Ramblin’ Dan and Fans

Hello Everyone!
I’d like to say hello to “Twitter” here on my site…
This will happily Link my Music to a larger audience.
Tune in everyone and
enjoy the audio part of my site,
as well as the visual…Comments Welcome!!

“Massachusetts Man”

This is my “Signature” song.
It came to me after a long period without a home….
And when I moved to Winchester, Massachusetts back in 1980….I wrote this tune as a grateful  tribute to the Commonwealth I was raised in….I’ve had the pleasure of singing it at the State House in Boston,many times..You can find the recording on my “Hermit From A Shack” CD…and you can listen to this song on this Website.

“I’m a Massachusetts Man,Happy to be where I am…Content to be who I am, Massachusetts Man…………….”